Wilson Mendoza and yarkand magoway

En anteriores posts, los proyectos musicales del creador en tenían el mismo nombre..

Ahora Wilsonmendoza,pseudónimo del ciudadano Pedro morales, pasa a llamarse ahora y provisionalmente YARKAND MAGOWAY. en un repaso, aprovechando la ocasión, a todos los alias o su nombres bajo los que siempre he escondido mi verdadera identidad biológica.

Eme claster

pantone heavy design

Wilson mendoza

fue freaktons

ridículos trío

grey marengo

Silia regression

Dragon five

África soul sisteme

Absurdo trío 

romina power DJ

Mendoza electric

yarkand magoway


Momento de una actuación de la banda ABSURDO TRÍO.






Wilson Mendoza in Langenlois

Wilson Mendoza in Langenlois

the circunstances in life, put me from november in this country. I arrived to Waldviertel and I get so impactated for the silent and calm of the winter of this rural area. I come from Spain, were I was working normally with fine arts matters and here I am continuating this passion. i have university degree in sculpture speciality and from my youth i habe been doing many exibixions accross andalusia

I went to live in to an old hause, and I started to recycle a lot of ancient pictures and some materials that I could find in this home to transform in to a new things. Working in this direction I was untill I finded an American writter called JP Orient (USA), Togheter we started to work and develop a new proyect called CAMPOAREA 51, that basically is about how to transform life culture and landscape in remoted areas of Waldviertel throught permeaculture, architecture, design… basically is about to try to give new uses for old things and mainly, to resume, (because this assunt cover a big territory), CAMPOAREA 51 is a new point of view of this traditional place. We are working now in the creation of a web where one can find more information about this Project.

JP Orient stayed working in Waldviertel, I moved to Weinviertel and happened again the same, I founded another old Hause and i followed renovating this old energy transforming and recycling old materials that I founded.the Product of this recycling period is reflexted in this exibition, that u can see in Café & Wien (URSIN HAUS) during june of this year. We decided to maked it in Langenlois because this town is representative place of Weinviertel and Waldviertel and the same time, thanxs to his geografical and historical situation.

This is an open project, so, maybe some people are going in this direction too, and is possible to grow togheter, start a “moviment” or simply that maybe someone can join to this initiative.

At the moment still we are building this web and soon we will presents in the net and with those documentary works we will make too more exibitions across this Country.